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Nolina, Bocarnea

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Nolina, Beaucarnea

Height: 35 to 100 cm, d pot - 12 cm, 14 cm, 17 cm, 19 cm.

Nolina or Beaucarnea comes from the southern states of the United States (most often Texas) and the northern provinces of Mexico. It is a small tree with a trunk resembling a bottle. This trunk is called caudex, it stores water, does not allow moisture to pass through and allows the plant to survive in hot and arid areas. It is because of the shape of the caudex that the nolina was given the local name - Elephant's foot. The bark with its gray and wrinkled texture resembles the skin of an elephant. The leaves are tough and narrow, gather in a bunch in extreme heat and also save moisture for bokarnei.

Nolina prefers a bright place, without direct sunlight. Watering is best done by immersing the pot in a container of water. When the top layer of the substrate shines, the pot is removed, the excess water is allowed to drain and put in a permanent place. The next watering is carried out after the soil in the pot has completely dried. Like other succulents, nolina tolerates dry air well and does not need spraying. But periodically dust is removed from the leaves with a damp sponge.

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More information: Taking care of nolina.

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