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Yucca elephant, 1 st.

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Yucca, 1 trunk

Height: 35-150 cm, d 12-17 cm pot.

Yucca is a tree-like evergreen plant from the humid subtropics of North America. Loves sunlight, but does not tolerate direct sunlight, and is also afraid of hypothermia and overflow. The rest is a rather unpretentious plant to care for.

Yucca grows with one trunk, but for branching the top is cut off and it looks like another popular "false palm" - dracaena. Yucca is a great purchase for exotic lovers. With her presence, she will create the atmosphere of a subtropical forest.

If you want to buy a yucca in Kiev: - call us on phone/viber. You can also buy yucca through the online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

Additional information: Yucca care.

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