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Hoya Kerry, "Valentine"

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Hoya Kerry, "Valentine"

Height (with a pot): 10 cm, d of a pot - 6 cm.

Hoya Kerri (lat. Hoya kerrii) is a tropical plant of the Kutrovye family; it grows in the wild in South, Southeast Asia, Australia.

The name "Valentine" this type of Hoya got due to the shape of its fleshy leaves, similar to hearts.

Hoya care is very simple. Like all succulents, Hoya Valentine does not like waterlogging, the root system may suffer from this. Loves the bright sun, but it is better to hide from direct sunlight, burns may appear.

The temperature of the content is room temperature, within 22-24 ° С, coolness is desirable in winter. Top dressing - fertilizers for succulents, once a month in spring-summer. Hoya Kerii is popular among lovers; it is often bought as a gift for loved ones.

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