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Height: 55-70 cm, 80-90 cm; d pot - 17-19 cm

Dieffenbachia is a fairly fast-growing plant with unusually beautiful foliage. Prefers plentiful, but not excessive watering, tolerates dry air well, but can get sick from drafts.

The main decoration of Dieffenbachia is its decorative foliage. But not only because of the beauty of the leaves, this plant is grown. Dieffenbachia cleans the air from harmful impurities of benzene and combustion products.

Therefore, it is recommended to place it in the kitchen. It should be borne in mind that dieffenbachia juice is poisonous, therefore, precautions should be taken when cutting and caring for the plant: wear gloves, wash hands with soap after contact. The plant should be placed out of the reach of children and pets.

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More information: Dieffenbachia care.

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