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Height (with a pot): 25-35 cm, d of a pot - 8-10 cm.

 Juncus (lat. Juncus) is an unusual plant from the Juncus family. The name Yunkus is translated from Latin as “weaving”. From ancient times, mats, clothes, shoes have been woven from its stems. Sitnik gained popularity due to its unusual appearance and unpretentiousness. In nature, it grows on the banks of reservoirs and consumes a lot of moisture, which should be taken into account when growing in an apartment.

The main conditions for growing rush are: an abundance of water, heat and humidity of the surrounding air. It is advisable to place bowls with water or wet kramsite near the plant, and also spray it daily. Juncus should be planted in a wide bowl, on the bottom of which a large layer of expanded clay (drainage) should be poured and watered daily in small portions. It is also necessary to ensure that the pot with the plant does not overcool.

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Care information: Juncus - description, cultivation, care.

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