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Calocephalus Brown (Calocephalus brownii)

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Calocephalus Brown

Synonyms: Leucophyta brownii, Leucophyta Brown, Gray head, Silver coral, Bush-pillow

Colors: white, pink, blue Height (with a pot): 15-25 cm, d pot - 8-10 cm.

Calocephalus Brown (lat. Calocephalus brownii) is an exotic compact dwarf shrub of the Astrov family. The name Kalocephalus is translated from Greek as "handsome head, beautiful head". Named after Scottish botanist Robert Brown. He came to our region from South Australia. In nature, it grows up to a meter in height.

Calocephalus needs a well-lit space to develop. It is drought-resistant and does not tolerate stagnant moisture. Found its application mainly in street gardening, in the southern regions, where the winter temperature does not drop below + 1 ° C. It can also be grown as a houseplant, the main thing is not to overmoisten, but in winter it should be kept in a room with a temperature of + 12-15 C.

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Additional information: Calocephalus Care.

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