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Rapis Fan bamboo palm

Height (with a pot): 100-180 cm, d for a pot - 27-32 cm.

Rapis (Latin Rhapis) - belongs to the Palm family. The name Rhapis in Greek means "stick, rod". The homeland of this plant is Japan and China.

There are two varieties of this reed palm tree: High Rapis reaching a height of 3 meters and Low Rapis reaching up to 1.5 meters.

The palm tree is light-requiring, it develops well under bright light, although it can grow in light partial shade. The main thing is to timely rotate it around its axis for uniform overgrowth with leaves and not to abruptly rearrange it from light to partial shade and vice versa.

Another important point is watering - the soil in the pot should be slightly moist, however, water stagnation should not be allowed. In summer, watering is plentiful, in winter - moderate.

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