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Cordilina Kiwi

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Cordilina Kiwi

Height (with a pot): 35-50 cm, d for a pot - 12-14 cm.

On request. Delivery time to the warehouse is 7-10 days.

Cordilina (lat.Cordyline) is an evergreen kusar or a tree that belongs to the Agave or Dracene family. The name from the Greek "kordyle" translates as "bump, knot" because of the fleshy, swollen roots. Cordilina is often confused with dracaena, which has straight and smooth roots. Distributed in the subtropics of America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

In the wild, it reaches a height of several meters. Cordilina is photophilous, but it can develop in partial shade. It also grows under artificial lighting, which makes it attractive for landscaping offices. Pseudo palms are sensitive to temperature changes, the optimum temperature for it is 18-22 ° С, in winter - not lower than 12-15 ° С. In spring and summer, water should be watered 2 times a week, in winter - 1 time per week. Cordilina does not tolerate stagnation of water in a pot, but also dryness. Regular spraying is welcomed.

If you want to buy Kordilina kiwi in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012, (050) 415-0033, (044) 337-1800, (063) 127-1010. You can also buy potted cordilina through the online store. Delivery in Kiev on the day of order or the next day. Delivery across Ukraine within a week. Cash and non-cash payments.

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