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Areca, Chrysalidocarpus

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Areca, Chrysalidocarpus

Height: 70-150 cm.

The homeland of this long-lived palm tree is the island of Madagascar. In natural conditions, chrysalidocarpus reaches a height of 9-12 meters.

Chrysalidocarpus got its name from the Greek words <span class = "hps"> χρυσός - golden and καρπος - fruits, fruits. In the room, areca, the second name of the palm tree, grows up to 2 meters. It grows slowly, about 15-20 cm per year, but near the roots it gives birth to many babies that can be planted. It is recommended to place it in a bright, warm place and to spray it often. she loves moisture.

An elegant palm tree of an executive class. It will look great on the floor by a large window, where its delicate castings with golden petioles will be clearly visible in the light. Chrysalidocarpus also has very useful properties: it humidifies the air in the room and cleans it of such harmful substances as xylene and toluene.

If you want to buy chrysalidocarpus (areca) in Kiev: - call us at tel. (067) 216-2012. You can also buy chrysalidocarpus palm through the online store.

More information: Caring for the Areca Palm.

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