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Orchid Vanda Michelle in a tube 50 cm

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Orchid Vanda Michelle in a tube 50 cm

Height of a glass tube 50 cm, diameter 15 cm.

Number of peduncles: one

Colors: pink, purple, yellow.

Vanda is a wonderful orchid with an ancient name. In Old Slavonic, this name means "troublemaker" or "entertainer". Indeed, she is able to argue with the gray everyday life, everyday life, even a sad mood, you just have to put her in your room.

Due to its vitality and year-round flowering, the Wanda Orchid has been chosen as the symbol of Singapore and is even depicted on coins.

Gift option for the beautiful orchid Wanda. 6-10 delightful fragrant flowers are carefully surrounded by a glass cylindrical vase (flask). Now there is no need to worry that fragile petals will be crumpled or broken from careless touches - your Wanda is safe!

Wanda is beautiful - the name speaks for itself. An expensive presentable gift for a very dear person or a serious management. This orchid looks simply gorgeous, it attracts luxury and well-being by its one appearance.

If you want to leave an unforgettable impression about your gift, choose the beautiful Wanda.

You can buy the Wanda orchid in Kiev by phone. (067) 216-2012 or via online order (around the clock). Delivery across Kiev and Ukraine.

More Information: Wanda Orchid Care.

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