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Height: 35-150 cm, d pot - 12-36 cm

Philodendron is a vine from the tropical forests of Central and South America. The name Philodendron is derived from the Greek phileo - love and dendron - tree. And it's no coincidence that philodendrons use trees as a support. It is also called the Leaf Tree, most likely because of the painted ornamental leaves. The leaves of this plant grow large and heavy, so support is needed to maintain it.

Like the monster, the philodendron serves as a natural barometer - large drops of water appear on its leaves before the onset of rainy weather.

Please note: the milky juice of the philodendron, which is found in all parts of the plant, is poisonous! Therefore, do not let young children come into contact with the philodendron. And also take precautions when caring for the plant.

In summer, water abundantly and spray daily with room temperature water. In autumn, watering is reduced by half, then less water is given - 1/3, and in winter it is further reduced, making sure that the roots do not dry out. Philodendron is undemanding to light, tolerates high temperature and dry air well, so it will be an excellent purchase for an office or apartment.

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More information: Philodendron care.

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