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Cordilina Glauka

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Cordilina Glauka

Height (with a pot): 70-100 cm, d for a pot - 27-31 cm.

On request. Delivery time to the warehouse is 7-10 days. Multiplicity of the order - 10 pcs.

Cordilina (lat. Cordyline) is a shrub, semi-shrub or tree, belongs to the Dracene or Agave family. The name is translated from Greek "kordyle" means "knot, nodule". It is named so because of its swollen, knobby rhizome, which differs from dracaena, which has straight, smooth roots. In the wild, it grows in the tropics and subtropics of Australia, Asia and Africa.

Cordilina develops normally both in a lit space and in a light partial shade. In the absence of natural light, it can develop with good artificial lighting. The plant is popular among phytodesigners for landscaping offices and winter gardens. For the successful cultivation of Cordilina, it is necessary to adhere to the following conditions: do not allow waterlogging or overdrying of the earthy coma, regularly spray with settled water, protect from sudden temperature changes and drafts.

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