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Washingtonia, palm

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Washingtonia palm

Height (with a pot): 55-70 cm, 70-100 cm, d pot - 15-19 cm.

Washingtonia (lat. Washingtonia) is a palm tree from the Arecaceae family, widespread in greenhouses and winter gardens. Its name is Washingtonia received in honor of the first president of the United States. In nature, they reach a height of 25 m with a trunk diameter of almost a meter.

There are only two types of Washingtonia: strong and thread-bearing.

Palm grows well in bright light with a relative humidity of 55-75%. The best place for a flower will be rooms with south-facing windows or warm verandas. In spring and summer, watering is plentiful - once a week, in winter - more moderate. On dry days, Washingtonia needs to be sprayed. The transplant is carried out annually until reaching 3 years, then once every 3-5 years.

Additionally: Washingtonia - growing and nursing.

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