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Date Canary, Date Palm

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Canary date

Height (with a pot): 55-70 cm, 70-100 cm, 100-120 cm, 130-140 cm d pot - 14-24 cm

Canary date (lat.Phoenix canariensis) is a subtropical evergreen from the family Palm trees. As the name implies, the date is home to the Canary Islands. Currently, the Canarian date grows in many countries: Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Croatia, Argentina. In the countries of the former union, the palm tree grows in Abkhazia, Georgia, the South Coast, in the south of Azeybardzhan and Turkmenistan. In the natural environment, this date grows up to 20-40 meters in height. Leaves are complex-pinnate, 3-5 meters long with many leaflets, fruits are collected in bunches.

The date loves bright lighting It is best to place a palm tree near windows facing south, southwest, southeast. In summer, it is advisable to take the plant out to an open space with good ventilation: a balcony, a veranda, a garden. For growing, room temperature is suitable in summer, in winter it is advisable to either put the plant in a cool room (+ 8 + 14 C) or add lighting to it.

On hot days, it is advisable to spray the leaves with settled water, and also provide abundant watering, but without stagnant water in the pot. For transplanting, you can use a universal soil half-mixed with soil for palm trees. It is better to take deep pots, drainage is required to the bottom of the pot. The palm tree is very popular in phytodesign, looks great in large offices or halls.

Attention: sharp thorns grow at the bottom of the date, restrict the access of children and animals to the palm tree.

Read more: Phoenix Date Palm Care & Grow.

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