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Phytodesign of premises. Greening of apartments and offices

Phytodesign of premises. Greening of apartments and offices

Plants add beauty to our life, purify the air and create a feeling of comfort in the home or office.

A piece of nature in a room has a beneficial effect on well-being, performance and rest.

When contemplating the color scale and natural form of the compositions, the aesthetic sense of beauty is developed and enriched.

The times when flowers stood only on windowsills are long gone, now houseplants occupy one of the main places in the design of the room.

Phytodesign of the interior is a trend in decor, when compositions of plants and flowers are used to decorate a room, as well as to improve the microclimate and purify the air.

Before you start landscaping your premises, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules that the masters of interior phytodesign are guided by.

There are quite a few options for landscaping interiors, it is often difficult for yourself to determine which one will suit your home.

It is best to enlist the help of a professional who has the necessary knowledge and skills to select a flower arrangement. The phytodesigner will skillfully emphasize the purpose of each room in the house and the good taste of the owners. It will help bring the living breath of nature into the room, taking into account the architectural features of the inhabited interior, biological compatibility of plants and, of course, your personal wishes. Thanks to this, your interior will be filled with a natural atmosphere, it will become more fresh and modern.

Greening of offices

The beautiful phytodesign of the office has a positive effect on the well-being of employees and visitors. Plants must be selected taking into account their main task - to bring coziness and comfort, but not to distract employees from their activities.

Do not oversaturate the space with catchy, bright representatives of ornamental plants.

Areca, spathiphyllum, dieffenbachia, zamiokulkas, dracaena, ficus are considered ideal for decorating workrooms, they will successfully fit into any interior. The number of plants should correspond to the size of the room as well as their size.

Landscaping of the balcony and loggia

Instead of turning the balcony into a warehouse of unnecessary things, create a beautiful corner for pleasant relaxation, transform it into a green, shady gazebo. Entwined with greenery, filled with fragrant aroma, your loggia will become a worthy decoration of the house.

You can enrich and diversify the appearance of a balcony or loggia with the help of shrub vines, in addition to beauty, these plants regulate the thermal regime in the room, prevent the appearance of dust and significantly reduce the noise level.

If the balcony area is small, use vertical gardening, spectacular compositions will transform the appearance of the room and will not take up much space. Professional landscaping of the balcony will turn it into a place to relax, into a corner where it is pleasant to hide from the bustle of the world, retiring with a cup of your favorite drink.

Bathroom phytodesign

Correctly selected fresh flowers are a fresh solution for a bathroom interior. Taking a bath surrounded by greenery, you will sooner relieve fatigue, feel the unity with nature.

For a bathroom climate, it is best to use tropical plants that are accustomed to moist, warm air and can easily do without sunlight, which is completely replaced by electric lighting. Flowers can be used to decorate walls, a cabinet, and even a ceiling, if the size of the room allows, to install floor plants.

Perfect for spacious bathrooms: monstera, indoor bamboo, dracaena. If the area of ​​the room is small, use vertical landscaping, for example, place unpretentious ferns or orchids in hanging baskets.

Compositions of epiphytes, placed on shells of mollusks, will look beautiful, they will give the feeling of being on the sea coast.

Bedroom landscaping

To emphasize the serenity and bring calmness to the bedroom, potted plants with a subtle delicate aroma or no smell at all will help. When choosing plants for the rest and sleep room, pay attention to the ficus, palm, dracaena or monstera.

All these plants are beautiful, add lightness and ease to the atmosphere, besides, they are not capricious, they easily tolerate dry air and poor lighting.

The mirror will create the illusion of more decorative flowers in the room, and the bedside tables can be a great place for small, flowering plants. Various original flower arrangements in glass, decorated with colored pebbles or colored sand, will transform your bedroom into an oasis of peace and harmony.

In a room properly decorated with green plants, your emotional and physical strength will recover easily and quickly.

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