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Dracaena compact

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Dracaena Compact

Height: 25-35 cm, 55-70 cm; d pot - 10-12 cm, 17-19 cm

Dracaena prefer a bright place without direct rays. The plant can grow in partial shade, but variegated forms need light to brighten the leaves. Dracaena tolerate dry air, but their leaves can turn yellow and fall off. In this case, be sure to spray the plant regularly (1-2 times a day). This will reduce the drying process of the dracaena leaf tips. Watering should be accurate, dracaena should not be poured. Let the soil dry out by 2-3 cm between waterings.

If you want to buy a compact dracaena in Kiev: - call us by phone/viber. You can also buy dracaena in our online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

More information: Dracaena fragrant care.

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