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How to create hanging gardens on your balcony or terrace

How to create hanging gardens on your balcony or terrace

A garden on the balcony is the dream of many. How nice it is to go out to such a garden in the evening with a cup of tea or a laptop!

It is not at all difficult to create hanging gardens on a loggia or balcony. The main thing is to love plants, and they will reciprocate you, giving you beautiful flowers and greenery.

Seasonal plants are ideal for these purposes. They do not need to be looked after in winter, they bloom for a long time and do not require special care, except for watering. In the new season, they are planted again. Plants such as primrose, forget-me-not or pansies are insensitive to frost, so they are planted in early spring.

As for geraniums or petunias, they are planted after late frosts. Depending on the variety, geraniums are then removed to a cool place for wintering or even left on a not too cold loggia.

Chrysanthemums or asters can withstand even slight frosts. Now the seedlings are sold even in autumn. With good and proper care in winter, they will delight you with colorful flowering.

Some frost-resistant species bloom for a short time, but at other times they will delight you with juicy greenery.

Growing hanging gardens requires hydroponic growing equipment or parts of it. Stock up on pots and sturdy bindings. You need to make sure the flowers are easily accessible, otherwise they will receive little maintenance or you will not want to water them again.

It is necessary to take into account the light preferences of plants, for example, a light-loving flower will grow poorly on the northern balcony. Conversely, a shade-loving plant will feel uncomfortable on the south window.

Now let's figure out which plants are suitable for which composition.

Ivy, chlorophytum, or strawberries are great for creating cascading compositions that fall down. Pelargoniums or begonias are suitable for creating bushes. Climbing plants such as nasturtium can easily grow several floors up. However, if you do not live in your home, ask your neighbors in advance if they are not against such a decoration.

Choose plants according to their size and where they will stand. For example, for hanging pots, it is better to choose cascading plants that fall beautifully downward. The most beautiful and blooming ones are best placed at eye level.

The soil in which you will plant the plant is also important. Garden soil will not work as it is quite heavy for pots. You can buy ready-made soil, or you can make it yourself.

The recipe is as follows: three parts of garden soil, three parts of humus and two parts of sand or peat. It is better to add sand in any case - it is a baking powder, air will flow freely to the roots. You can mix purchased soil and garden soil in half. We spill the soil from the street with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or heat it in the oven to get rid of pests.

How to arrange your composition. It depends on what kind of balcony or loggia you have. For example, the balcony most often protrudes from the building, so you can arrange plants on all sides. On the loggia, you can hang flowers in a straight line. With a corner balcony, you can make one corner green. In general, it all depends on your taste.

When arranging flowers, consider the sunlight and the light demand of the particular flower. For example, there are plants that do well in partial shade. Therefore, it is good to plant a higher flower next to them, which will create a kind of shading.

You can create a real oasis - arrange plants in hanging pots on top, in boxes behind the window, and also on the floor. Large plants can be placed on the floor - ficus, palm or others as desired.

Be sure to fertilize your green pets. The stores offer a wide selection of preparations for all types of plants. Be sure to observe the dosage, it is better to make the concentration a little less than indicated. You can plant both very young seedlings and more mature plants. The disadvantage of too young flowers is that they will have to wait a long time before flowering, but at the same time they have a compact root system. This will allow you to plant the plant in any, even a small pot.

As for the pots themselves, it is, of course, better to prefer plastic for hanging compositions. A ceramic pot is suitable for a plant on a table. You can choose some kind of fancy planter, in which you can put an ordinary plastic pot.

If you have a sunny side, it makes sense to hang blinds on the windows. If the balcony is not glazed and there is too much sun, you can try hanging light straw blinds. They can be lowered slightly at any time.

For moisture-loving plants, you can put several jugs of water or a beautiful fountain. It can be backlit, which looks very nice in the dark. Thus, an ordinary balcony or loggia can become a real relaxation room or mini-garden.

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