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Zamioculcas large

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Zamioculcas - Dollar tree

Height: from 100 to 170 cm, d of the pot - 24-40 cm.

Zamioculcas is a popular succulent for offices and apartments. One of the most unpretentious plants to care for.

Another name for zamiokulkas is the Dollar tree. Its glossy, dark green leaves shine like new dollars. Like other succulents, Zamioculcas dislikes overflow. Water it abundantly, but not often. Between waterings, the top 2-3 cm layer of the earth should dry out. Zamioculcas stores water, so short-term drought is not terrible for him, the plant suffers more from overflow. Grows well in a bright place. It is thermophilic, therefore, in winter, the temperature should not fall below 12 C, optimally 15-18 C.

An adult zamiokulkas, larger than 1 m, looks very stylish in a large hall or office. A great gift for a leader.

If you want to buy big zamiokulkas in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012. You can also buy a dollar tree through the online store.

Additional information: Caring for zamioculcas.

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Шикарный замиокулькас и не привередлив в уходе, что для меня важно. Месяц назад порадовала себя этой покупкой и уже 5 новых побегов, он еще прекраснее стал!