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Fitostena (Plant wall) - a green wall of living plants

Fitostena (Plant wall) - a green wall of living plants

So that your favorite flowers are not crowded on the windowsills and you can place a larger number of plants without restricting space, the designers came up with an original approach to landscaping the interior - the creation of phytowalls (wall plant, living wall).

Fitowalls is a vertical winter garden, harmoniously integrated into the design of the room, which contains automatic irrigation that does not require a direct connection to the water supply.

The advantages of a vertical indoor garden

- durability. Plants are quickly transplanted and containers can be used for other flowers;

- multifunctionality. A chic decor element can be placed in any room, provided that the air temperature does not fluctuate greatly;

- saving space. Compared to flowers in flowerpots, they take up much less space, which is important for apartments with a small area;

- mobility. If necessary, the structure can be easily disassembled, transported and assembled at a new location;

- easy care. It will not be a hassle at all, it takes a couple of minutes in 1-2 weeks;

- Benefit for health. Holders of green walls get a huge advantage - always breathe fresh, moderately humidified, oxygenated air.

Plant wall for corporate premises

A vertical garden will help you stand out against the background of the usual gray office spaces decorated in strict colors.

A bright, memorable interior will attract the attention of customers and become your faithful assistant in negotiations and the conclusion of important transactions.

Living wall for living space

Now there is an opportunity to revive your home, add individuality and comfort. Thanks to phytomodules, the room will be filled with summer, rich colors. Living tropical greenery will transform the appearance of the living space, become a paradise, fragrant with unpretentious freshness. This is a great way to decorate walls, combining novelty and lively energy.

Phyto picture as a gift

uch an original gift will be remembered for a long time and will remind you of you every day. The phyto picture will delight a work colleague, warm the heart of a loved one. An elegant gift will surely delight, subtly emphasize your aesthetic taste, the ability to see beauty.

Problems that can be easily solved with phytowalls

Thanks to an extraordinary, intricate design idea, common interior problems can be solved.

Contaminated air

The use of artificial air humidifiers and air conditioners only partially cope with air purification. Best of all, a natural filter - plants - helps to cope with polluted and excessively dry air. All you need to do is to place them compactly in order to enjoy cleanliness and freshness at any time of the day or time of the year.


Living in a city apartment, it is almost impossible to isolate the source of annoying sounds: the annoying noise behind the wall interferes with concentration and interferes with restful sleep. The ideal solution is to install a phytowall and enjoy the peace and quiet of the hearth.

Flaws on the walls

Instead of wasting time and money on leveling a non-ideal surface, it is better to invite a phytodesigner and hide all the flaws. In such a simple way, you can easily mask wires and pipes.

Space zoning

A beautiful rack of living plants will serve as an excellent replacement for the intended wall. The compact decoration will organically fit into any interior.

Plants for phytowalls

Ivy. Most often used to create green hanging compositions. Florists prefer this climbing plant because of the variety of shapes and sizes of its leaves; it can be used as an additional element. Phyto-paintings created exclusively from ivy also look beautiful.

Anthurium. One of the most unpretentious plants, which is successfully used for the construction of phytowalls. Flowering is repeated every year, during which several new peduncles appear.

Arrowroot. A low plant, surprisingly beautiful, has a peculiarity to raise leaves closer to night. It is the perfect choice for a relaxation room, adding romance to your setting.

Stromanta, calathea. Compact, short and not capricious. The elongated shape of its leaves will add sophistication and beauty to the room.

Chlorophytum. It is appreciated by florists for its lush greenery and elegant appearance. In addition, this is one of the best plants from the group of phytoncides, a reliable and hardy flower that does not require special attention in care.

Bilbergia. Very attractive and surprisingly quite unpretentious. It differs in long, bright inflorescences that do not last very long, but this does not diminish the joy of flowering a wonderful flower.

Vriezia. Narrow vriezia leaves, collected in a tight rosette, are an original decoration of the room interior. Bright varied colors of branched inflorescences will captivate with enchanting beauty.

Organization of phytowalls. Creating vertical landscaping

Living plants in the house not only delight the eye, but also purify the air, give a positive mood, and promote relaxation. Enriching the space of your home with emerald greenery is a great solution.

If you add a little imagination and use the services of an experienced florist, you can completely transform the interior or emphasize the familiar style by adding decorations and lively notes.

It is not so difficult to create a picturesque landscape in your apartment if you enlist the support of a phytodesigner. Despite the numerous instructions and advice that can be found on the Internet, the implementation of such designs requires a professional approach.

Turning to our master, you are guaranteed to receive qualified assistance in landscaping the interior using a room vertical garden.

When creating a phytowall, the conditions of the interior and the area of ​​the room must be taken into account.

The phytodesigner will tell you exactly which plants can be combined, what temperature to maintain, where is the best place to place your green garden. The apartment will be elegantly decorated taking into account your wishes, and thanks to the recommendations received, you will be able to insure the plants against mistakes in further care.

A luxurious garden in your apartment or office is the most rational way to decorate a room, create favorable living conditions, and introduce novelties and decorations. The green wall will create coziness, a positive mood for the owners and guests of the home without requiring special care.

Beauty, style and convenience - this is what phytowall combines in itself.

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