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Synonym: Slipper

Height (with a pot): 20-25 cm, d of a pot - 10 cm.

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Calceolaria (lat. Calceolaria) is a herb from the Calceolaria family. The name comes from the Latin "calceolatus" - "slipper", based on their two-lipped flowers. The homeland of this plant is Central and South America.

In indoor conditions, it grows up to 40-50 cm in height. The flower prefers a slight partial shade and high humidity, which can be provided by placing it in a container with wet expanded clay or pebbles. Best placed near north, east or northwest facing windows.

A distinctive feature of this plant is its colorful flowers, similar to shoes of bright red, orange, yellow and white colors. They cover the bush densely, the number can reach 30-50 flowers.

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