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How not to be mistaken in choosing a plant for the office

How not to be mistaken in choosing a plant for the office

Thanks to indoor plants, it becomes possible to equip a cozy corner of nature in a place, at first glance, far away for this. Greening offices allows you to reshape your workspace, purify the air and significantly improve your mood.

During the working day, it is so important to be distracted for at least a couple of minutes. Looking at beautiful, green plants, you can recharge with positive energy, get rid of stress, get emotional nourishment and inspiration.

Plants in the office contribute to a healthy microclimate, which is reflected in the increase in the productivity of employees, keeping them healthy from the negative effects of dust, germs and the electrostatic field around computers.

Plant selection

If you are going to put a new plant in the office, you should learn as much as possible about the rules for its maintenance, because not all representatives of the flora are suitable for these purposes. Dry air, artificial light and drafts from air conditioners do not have the best effect on their life.

It is best to give preference to unpretentious indoor plants that can easily adapt to life in such an environment.

The number of plants, their size, must correspond to the size of the room. For a small room, one large plant is suitable, which will divide the zones of the office, from which the interior will seem more attractive. Large-leaved plants will look advantageous in the reception area, in a narrow and long room small-leaved plants with arched stems will create visual harmony.

Plants suitable for the office


Chlorophytum will perfectly fit into the office interior. The fan-shaped green leaves are distinguished by thin, graceful lines.

Thanks to a natural natural filter, it cleans the room well from harmful impurities such as nitric oxide, heavy metals, chloroethylene, and significantly reduces the level of ionization.

Its advantage is that chlorophytum tolerates both an increase in air humidity and some dryness without any problems. It can live for a long time at the expense of moisture reserves in the roots.

Due to the release of phytoncides, it cleans the surrounding space from microorganisms.


This is a thermophilic plant, the oldest representative of the flora world. Its historical homeland is the Mediterranean coast. It is known for its disinfecting properties, relieves fatigue from long sitting at the computer, relieves migraines, and improves blood circulation.

Withstands temperature changes, feels more comfortable in bright light, but can grow in partial shade. It grows better and develops more actively if the soil is periodically fed with organic and mineral fertilizers.

It does not need frequent transplants, as it grows slowly, it is enough to change the pot to a slightly larger one every two to three years. Avoid placing the plant in a pot that is too large.


This beautiful plant with bright fruits destroys about 70% of the viruses that accumulate in the atmosphere of the frequently visited office. It will be a great accent in an office interior made in classic English or French style.

During the flowering period, the room is filled with a delicate fragrant aroma. Large white flowers are replaced by fruits that do not taste as sour as usual. Their flesh is rich in vitamins and the rind is rich in essential oil.

It doesn't take much effort to grow an exotic tree like a lemon, but you still have to follow certain rules. Do not forget that citruses love moisture, so the plant, in addition to regular watering, needs to be sprayed.


Its homeland is the arid regions of Mexico, so yucca has the ability to accumulate water for future use in a thickened trunk. Flowering resembles small lilies, collected in a paniculate inflorescence, it is not for nothing that in the homeland of the plant local residents call the yucca "palm lily".

At a young age, it requires a lot of light, but does not tolerate the scalding rays of the sun. The best option would be to place the plant in fresh air for the summer, in a place protected from drafts. In the cold season, you need to protect the palm from hypothermia.

Great for rooms with large windows and sufficient air humidity. It fits well into a strict interior and adapts to the terrain.


Despite the fact that his homeland is tropical Africa, it takes root well in dimly lit rooms. The long leaves of this plant are dark green in color, collected at the base in a powerful tuber. During dry periods, it feeds on moisture accumulated in stems, leaves and roots.

It does not grow very quickly, the height of an adult plant is about one meter, so it looks best in large rooms.

It is quite unpretentious to the conditions of detention, it is thermophilic, both diffused light and partial shade are suitable for it, the humidity of the air does not play a special role. It does not need spraying to give the plant freshness and beauty, it is recommended to wipe the leaves with a damp sponge.


A multi-leaved picturesque plant that will add sophistication to any office. Creates a positive, welcoming atmosphere. It does not require special care, the main thing is not dry and not too hot air.

Grows best in cool conditions. Make sure that the topsoil does not dry out by placing the plant in a tray with pebbles and adding water to it from time to time.

Providing proper watering and proper lighting, the sheffler will delight for a long time with its unsurpassed appearance. A well-groomed plant looks beautiful, develops and grows well.


The name translated from Greek means "Similarity to a butterfly." These spectacular, charming plants are able to delight office workers with their beauty and nobility.

It is advisable to place the orchid in a well-lit place, without direct sunlight, then the flower will be warm and comfortable.

The orchid tolerates dry air well, subject to the watering regime. Before watering the plant, make sure the pot is dry enough.

As a rule, in spring and autumn, the orchid needs to be watered once a week, in winter no more than once every two weeks, and in summer after three to four days.
pachira-8 Palms (pachira, areca, date)

A traditional large office plant that requires natural light and adequate humidity. Therefore, in rooms where palm trees grow, you need to use humidifiers.

Palm trees are hardy and resistant to all sorts of pests.

For irrigation, soft rain or filtered water is suitable. The plant is very sensitive to the presence of chlorine, so you should be careful when using tap water, it must be defended for at least a day.

The frequency of watering depends on the individual characteristics of the plant.


Prefers light shade and moist air. The light should be bright, but diffused.

Feels great and retains its natural color in rooms with fluorescent lamps. Spray preferably with soft, settled water.

Protect the plant from overheating in summer, and shelter from hypothermia in winter.

Despite the seeming capriciousness, arrowroot calmly takes root in offices.

The main thing is to protect from drafts and hide from bright light so that the leaves of the plant do not lose their juicy natural color.


The flower stems are strewn with small needle-shaped branches, in their axils small leaves about half a centimeter long flaunt.

If you install a flower in the east or west side of the room, where there is no direct sunlight, asparagus will grow and delight with its airy, light appearance.

Able to withstand a fairly wide range of temperatures, but below 12˚C for a plant is undesirable.

The most suitable temperature is 20-25˚C. Moderate watering is recommended.

It is advisable that there is a special person in the office who will monitor the plants, water, organize the necessary lighting, spray in a timely manner, if you need to cut and replant. But since basically these responsibilities are shared between all employees, according to the principle: whoever remembered watered, you should choose plants that can easily withstand such conditions of detention.

By adding just a few flowers to your office, you will be pleasantly surprised by the changes made in the general atmosphere of the room. Fresh green plants give peace of mind and have a beneficial effect on our health: they actively cope with bacteria, increase immunity and resistance to viral diseases and nervous stress.

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