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Epipremnum pinnatum suspended

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Epipremnum pinnatum hanging

Height (with a pot): 25-35 cm, d of a pot - 12-14 cm.

Epipremnum pinnatum (Latin Epipremnum pinnatum) is a perennial herbaceous vine from the Aroid family. In the wild, it grows in the rainforests of India and Northern Australia. Epipremnum in nature reaches a length of up to 30 meters.

Pinnate epipremnum is very often used in vertical gardening, it also looks great in a hanging planter. Epipremnum does not differ in flowering, it is appreciated for the decorative effect of the leaves. Variegated forms develop well in bright, but diffused lighting, it is necessary to shade from direct rays.

Growing temperature is room temperature, the main thing is to protect the vine from drafts. In a room with dry air, it is recommended to spray the foliage with a spray bottle.

Attention: All parts of the plant are poisonous, restrict access to Epipremnum for children and pets.

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