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Saintpaulia, uzambar violet

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Saintpaulia or Usambara violet

Colors: white, pink, lilac, violet, blue

Height: 15 to 25 cm, d pot - 9-12 cm

Violets - what could be more touching and wonderful in the winter cold, when a blizzard sings around, everything is constrained frost and ice? This wonderful miracle blooming on your windowsill gives a feeling of spring and celebration! Can you imagine how this flower, presented on New Year's Eve, will warm your heart and delight with spring freshness? And on any other day - as a gift violets always fill you with the feeling of a holiday, this is a holiday that is always with you!

Saintpaulia, Usambar violet (Latin Saintpaulia) is a herbaceous plant of the Gesneriev family, a relative of Gloxinia. It has nothing to do with the European violet. Her homeland: the tropics of East Africa. Violets prefer diffused light, especially varieties with delicate leaves. From the abundance of light, the leaves can turn yellow and curl. Violets do not need any special temperature regime, however, it is desirable that the temperature in winter does not fall below 12 C.

However, Saintpaulias are quite demanding of air humidity. The best place for violet is in the kitchen, in a place with high humidity. Violets should not be sprayed. To increase the humidity, you can use either wet sand near the pots, or wet expanded clay, sphagnum moss. Also, violets are demanding for watering. Water for irrigation must be used filtered or separated for at least a day, try to prevent water from getting on the leaves.

If you want to buy violets in Kiev: - call us at tel. (067) 216-2012. You can also buy Saintpaulia through the online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

More information: Care of saintpaulia, Usambara violet.

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