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Derain white Elegantissima, container 3l

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Derain white Elegantissima (Argenteomarginata)

Cornus alba Elegantissima

This deciduous shrub with very beautiful leaves has another name - Derain white Argenteomarginata. The color and shape of its leaves resembles the houseplant Benjamin's ficus variegated, but unlike ficus, this shrub is winter-hardy and is intended for planting in open ground.

Reaches a height of 3 m. It blooms in May-June with yellowish-white flowers, collected in inflorescences. Re-flowering is possible in autumn. The fruits are inedible.

In winter, when the leaves fall, red shoots give the shrub decorativeness. Favorably differs in that it can grow in a lighted place, and in partial shade, while not losing its decorative effect.

Not picky about soils, but prefers fertile, moist soil. It grows quickly, drought and frost resistance.

Maximum height of an adult deren: 3-3.5 m. Maximum crown width: 3-4 m. Crown shape: dense, spreading. Leaves: oval, green, with white-cream edging, 9-11 cm long. By autumn they become reddish. Flowers: collected in small, rounded inflorescences, small. Growth rate: relatively fast growing, 15-20 cm per year.

Location: not picky about the soil, tolerates alkaline soils well. Shade tolerant.

Applies to: Shrub white turf Elegantissima looks great as a single plant, as well as in a group. It is used in parks and garden plots as a hedge.

Features: with colorful leaves, highly frost-resistant.

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