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Zantedeschia, Calla

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Zantedeschia, Calla

Colors: white, yellow, lilac, dark purple.

Height: from 25 to 45 cm, d pot - 12-14 cm

Zantedeschia or Zantedexia (incorrectly) got its name in honor of the discoverer F. Zantedeschi, an Italian botanist of the 19th century. A more familiar Russian name: Calla or Calla.

Calla is a thermophilic and light-loving plant, does not tolerate drafts. Despite its thermophilicity, the flower reacts poorly to excessive temperature rise. The optimum temperature for good plant growth and development is from + 22 ° C to + 25 ° C.

For calla lilies, constant soil moisture is very important. During the flowering period, watering should be daily, but make sure that water does not get directly onto the tuber.

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More information: Caring for room calla lily.

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