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Synonyms: Indoor orchid, Goldfish

Height (with a pot): 20-25 cm, d pot - 13-14 cm.

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Columnea (lat.Columnea) is a fairly large genus of flowering plants of the Gesneriaceae family, consisting of approximately 190-200 species. The genus Columnea was named after the Italian botanist Fabio Colonna. Originally from the tropics of Latin America. A relative of Usambara violet, gloxinia, streptocarpus. Columnea naturally live in trees, they are epiphytic plants, like most orchids, but they are not orchids themselves. However, when transplanting, take this into account and choose soil for semi-epiphytes.

You can transplant the plant two weeks after purchase, and, if necessary, after the columnea has faded. It is advisable to water the flower with filtered water, since the kolumnea is susceptible to lime, and also make sure that the water in the pot does not stagnate.

The flower is light-requiring, develops well in bright diffused lighting. At the end of autumn, during the laying of flower buds, the columnea needs to winter for 1.5-2 months, the temperature of the content should be reduced to 10-12 ° C. As soon as buds with a diameter of 5 mm appear, the column should be transferred to a warm place.

Columnea loves moisture, so it needs to be periodically sprayed with settled water, especially on dry, hot days.

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