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Small indoor rose

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Indoor rose

Colors: white, yellow, red, pink.

Height: from 15 to 25 cm, d 6-10 cm pot.

Indoor roses belong to the Rosaceae family. Like all flowering plants, it prefers a bright, ventilated place.

Rose does not like high temperatures, as well as dry soil. A couple of days after purchase, when the plant has acclimatized, it is transplanted into a new pot with nutrient soil.

For better growth and development of a room rose, it is better to rest in winter: place it in a cool place away from heating appliances and reduce watering.

With proper care in spring, the rose will delight you with fresh flowers with a wonderful aroma.

If you want to buy a room rose in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012. You can also buy decorative roses through the online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

More information: Indoor rose care.

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