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Height (with a pot): 35-40 cm, 55-70 cm, 70-100 cm. D pot - 12 cm, 17 cm, 24 cm.

Fatsia (lat.Fatsia) is a small evergreen tree or shrub from the Araliev family. Under natural conditions, it grows in Japan, South Korea. In the wild, it can grow up to 5-6 meters. It is highly appreciated by amateur flower growers and phytodesigners for the decoativity of bright green leaves resembling maple leaves in shape. It also looks like foliage shefflers, but Fatsia has a simple leaf and at its base the blades grow together, forming a solid sheet. In shefflers, the leaf is formed from small leaves, the cuttings of which grow together in its center. In young plants, the foliage is not as dissected as in adults; the number of blades on the leaf may vary. Fatsia is also called Japanese Aralia. This is its original name, but in 1854, to give it the current one, in order to distinguish it from the real Aralia.

Fatsia develops normally both in a lit space and in a light shade. The best place for a flower will be east and west windows. Direct rays of the sun are contraindicated for her. The optimum temperature should not exceed 20 ° C, at higher temperatures the fatsia can shed the lower foliage. In winter, it is better to lower the temperature to 10 ° C.

Additionally: Fatsia - cultivation and care.

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