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Arrowroot tricolor

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Arrowroot tricolor

Height: 30 cm, d pot - 12 cm.

Arrowroot (Maranta) is a herb, native to Brazil. Its close relative, Calathea, is also grown for its decorative foliage. Arrowroot is unpretentious in care and will perfectly fit into the interior.

This beautiful plant is thermophilic and loves moisture. In summer, daily spraying is desirable. In order for your beauty to have a bright color of leaves, it should not be placed in direct sun, but you also do not need to put arrowroot in a too dark place. Arrowroot is called a praying plant, because when there is a lack of lighting (for example, at night), its leaves rise up and become like folded palms.

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More information: Caring for arrowroot.

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