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Height (with a pot): 15-20 cm, d of a pot - 10-12 cm.

* Cost of sedum without a ceramic pot.

Sedum (lat. Sedum) - this perennial succulent plant belongs to the Tolstyankov family, grows in North and South America, Eurasia, Africa. About 500 species of this succulent are known. There are several versions of the origin of the scientific name of the plant: from the Latin sedare, i.e. pacify (leaves act as a pain reliever), or from lvt. sedеre - to sit (many types of stonecrop are spread out on the ground, sit on rocks).

The name Sedum comes from the Ukrainian "purification", so named due to its healing and cleansing properties. Succulent also has other names: Hare grass, Hare cabbage. The sedum is successfully used in compositions from succulents. For example, he harmoniously blended into the company of other succulents in the composition "Comfort Zone"," Morning coffee ", " Treasure chest ". And in the composition of succulents "Brothers hedgehogs" as many as 5 types of stonecrop are involved.

Sedum, like all succulent plants, is photophilous; in partial shade, its color may fade. And like all succulents, it is drought-resistant, does not require frequent or abundant watering. He also does not need spraying and any soil is suitable for him - this is a very unpretentious plant in terms of care.

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