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Serbian spruce (Picea omorica)

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Serbian spruce

Picea omorica

Maximum height of an adult spruce: 20-30 meters. Life expectancy is 250-300 years. Maximum crown diameter: 3-4 meters. The crown shape is narrow pyramidal or conical.

Needles: flat, dark green, shiny top. Growth rate: in height - 30-35 cm, in width - 10-15 cm per year.

Location: Prefers sunny places, partial shade, but shade-tolerant enough. Unpretentious to climatic conditions, relatively smoke and gas resistant. Prefers loams, but unpretentious to the soil, does not tolerate only very acidic or compacted soil.

Very decorative, in this respect it is second only to the prickly spruce (Picea pungens). Mature and old trees are not exposed from below, keeping the lower branches. The beauty of this spruce is given by the numerous cones of purple in young Christmas trees and brown in adults.

It is used: both in single and in group plantings, to create alleys.

If you want to buy Serbian spruce in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012, (044) 337-1800, (063) 127-1010, (050) 415-0033. You can also buy Picea omorica Serbian spruce seedlings through the online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

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