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Echeveria Miranda

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Echeveria Miranda

Height (with a pot): 10-20 cm, d of a pot - 6-9 cm.

Echeveria Miranda is a cute succulent from the Fat family. In the wild, Echeveria (Echeveria) is common in Mexico, named after the artist Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy, who illustrated the Mexican nature.

Echeveria is very widely used in compositions of cacti and succulents. Stone Rose also looks great as a single plant.

Like all succulents, Echeveria is very photophilous, responds favorably to direct sunlight, so it can be placed on southern windows. Echeveria is dry, for this reason, moderate watering is recommended, and the substrate should dry out between waterings.

It is not necessary to spray echeveria even in extreme heat; it is better to slightly increase watering. Echeveria should also be fed very moderately, it is better to dilute three times the dose indicated on the package. Transplant a stone rose into a succulent substrate.

More information: Growing echeveria, caring for a stone rose.

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