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Thuja folded Forever Goldie (Thuja plicata Goldy)

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Thuja folded Forever Goldy

Thuja plicata Forever Goldy

Synonyms: Thuja folded Forever Goldy, Thuja plicata Goldy

Thuja plicata (lat.Thuja plicata) or Giant thuja is an evergreen coniferous tree from the Cypress family. Also called Canadian Red Cedar, Western Red Cedar. In the wild, it is distributed in parts of North America, the United States and Canada.

Features of the variety Thuja folded Goldy: Gained popularity due to the amazingly beautiful golden yellow color of the needles. Wind-resistant and shade-tolerant. Tolerates haircut and shaping well.

Maximum height of an adult thuja: 2.3-2.5 meters. At the age of 10, the height is 1.5 meters. Annual growth 10-20 cm. Maximum crown diameter: 1.2-1.5 meters. Annual growth is 8-10 cm.

Crown shape: - pyramidal, conical. Needles: yellow-golden hue, does not change color throughout the year, dense, directed upwards. Location: Can grow in partial shade, but the sun is brighter in color. It is undemanding to the soil, but it grows better on well-drained, fertile soils.

It is used: as a specimen (single tree), as a contrast to hedges, for alleys, rock gardens. to create landscape compositions with coniferous and deciduous shrubs.

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