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Anthurium, Flowertail

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Anthurium - Flowertail

Colors: red, white, pink.

Height: 25-30 cm, d - 10 cm. Anthurium.

Another name - Male happiness, is one of the most popular representatives of its family (Aroids). The name of this plant comes from two Greek words - "flower" and "tail". Indeed, the bright flower seems to complement the pistil-tail.

Flowers can be of all sorts of shades - from bright red to pink-purple or multi-colored. Anthurium is unpretentious, it not only pleases the eye, but also perfectly cleans the air.

The ancient Greeks believed that anthurium, placed in a bedroom or other rest room, helps relaxation, tune in to creativity and creates a creative mood. According to legend, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra herself very much revered this plant and grew it in her chambers. At night, she took off her rings and put them on the anthurium pistil, thereby keeping them safe and sound. Also, this plant is rightfully considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

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Additional Information: Anthurium care.

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