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Begonia mix

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Begonia mix

Colors: yellow, red.

Height: from 20 to 35 cm, pot d - 9-14 cm.

Begonia (lat. Begonia) is perhaps the most beautiful plant of the Begonia family. She comes from the tropics and subtropics of Southeast Asia, Africa, about. Madagascar.

Begonias, especially blooming ones, need bright lighting. They must be shaded from the direct sun in summer, otherwise burns may appear on the leaves. Prefers placement near western or eastern windows. In summer, the most optimal temperature for begonias is 20-22 ° C. In winter - not lower than 15-18 ° C.

Begonias prefer high air humidity, but it is not recommended to spray them. In summer, water the plant abundantly, but do not allow water to stagnate in a pot or pan. Water with settled water when the topsoil dries out by 1-1.5 cm. In winter, watering flowering begonias is reduced.

If you want to buy a potted begonia in Kiev: - call us on phone/viber. You can also buy indoor begonias through the online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

More information: Indoor begonia care.

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