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Hedera, Ivy (Hedera helix)

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Hedera, Common ivy

Height (with a pot): 15-35 cm, d for a pot - 9-12 cm.

Hedera (lat.Hedera helix) - belongs to the Ivy genus of the Araliev family. In nature, this climbing plant reaches a length of 30 meters. Its other name is Common Ivy or Curly Ivy. Grows in oak or beech forests of Central and Southern Europe, Southwest Asia, in the Crimea.

Ivy has gained popularity in vertical landscaping and is also grown in hanging planters. It can be combined with fuchsia or pelargonium, but it looks great as a single plant.

Caring for Hedera is minimal, it is a very unpretentious plant. She is shade-tolerant, although it develops better in diffused light. Hedera loves moisture, so in the spring and summer, you need to provide abundant watering. The temperature of the content is room temperature, within the range of 22-26 ° С, in winter - not lower than 15 ° С.

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