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Synonym: Kaffir lily

Height (with a pot): 30-40 cm, d pot - 13-14 cm.

Clivia (Latin Clivia) is a genus of perennial evergreen herbaceous plants of the Amaryllis family. The genus Clivia was named after the botanist John Lindley in honor of the Duchess of Northumberland Charlotte Clive, the governess of the future Queen of Great Britain, Victoria. Originally from the west coast of South Africa.

In room culture, there are mainly two types of clivia: noble and cinnabar. The flower develops well in diffused lighting. it is better to place it near the western or eastern windows, on the southern ones - shade from the direct sun. Watering should be moderate after the topsoil in the pot is dry. For the successful flowering of clivia, a dormant period is needed, from October to the end of November, in a cool room with a temperature of 12-14 ° C. If you give the clivia a rest, it can bloom even 2 times a year.

Important: since leaves and roots of clivia are toxic (contain lycorin), wear gloves when transplanting, and also protect clivia from pets and children.

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