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Lily (Lilium)

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Colors: white, yellow

Height (with a pot): 35-50 cm, d pot - 12-14 cm.

Lily (lat.Lilium) is a perennial bulbous plant from the Liliaceae family, has more than 110 species, distributed mainly in Asia and Europe ... It needs loosening of the soil, regular spraying and watering, it is important to ensure that the soil in the pot is not very wet and not very dry.

It is better to put a pot with a plant on a well-lit windowsill in spring and summer, in summer it is advisable to open a window to air the plant. After flowering, it is necessary to reduce watering, and when the leaves dry out, then stop altogether. When the bulb picks up nutrients and gets stronger, it is dug up and placed in a cool place for subsequent planting in new soil.

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