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Height: 55-70 cm, d pot - 15 cm.

Ehmea (Aechmea) is a bright representative of the bromeliad family, originally from Central and South America. This is a very ornamental plant, its leaves are collected in monochromatic or variegated rosettes, and the flowers are very beautiful.

Ehmeya is thermophilic and loves indirect diffused light. It is recommended to place it near the western or eastern windows. He loves high humidity, so it should be sprayed with settled water at least every other day. You do not need to wipe the leaves.

Ehmeya is watered first into the rosette of leaves, then into the pot. The soil should be constantly slightly moist, and in the summer there should be a little water in the leaves of the leaves.

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Care Information: Echmea, how to care for Echmea.

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