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Canadian spruce Konica (Picea glauca Conica)

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Canadian spruce Konik

Picea glauca Conica

Maximum height of an adult spruce: 2-3 meters. Life expectancy is 300-500 years. Maximum crown diameter: 2 meters. The shape of the crown is conical.

Needles: soft, light green, 8-10 mm long. Growth rate: up to 10 years of age - 6-8 cm per year, adult spruce - 2-3 cm per year.

Location: Photophilous, tolerates light partial shade. Prefers moist and fertile soil, light to medium loamy.

It is used: in a single version and in groups for mixborders, on terraces, in rock gardens. This Christmas tree looks especially impressive during the period of regrowth of young needles, which occurs in April-May.

Groups of emerald green Christmas trees look very nice against the background of a lawn or ground cover plants.

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