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Crocus, saffron

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Synonym: Saffron

Height: up to 25 cm, pot size - 9 cm.

Crocus (Latin Crocus) or also called Saffron belongs to the genus of herbaceous corms of the Iris family. In the natural environment, saffron grows in the steppes, forests and meadows of the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. About 80 species and 300 varieties of crocuses are known.

The name "crocus" comes from the Greek "thread, fiber", and the word "saffron" - from the Arabic - "yellow", the stigma of the crocuses is yellow. Along with primroses and hyacinths, crocuses are among the most beautiful primroses - early spring flowers.

They bloom for only 7-10 days, then they can be transplanted from a pot to a balcony or into open ground. The dormant period for crocuses begins in June, at which time the leaves of the primrose wither. If necessary (every three to four years), the tubers-bulbs are dug up, sorted out, dried and stored in a cool and dry place until planting. In September-October, they are planted in the ground. It should be noted that crocuses do not like acidic soils, they are quite drought-resistant, responsive to fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

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Detailed information about crocuses: Crocus - description, cultivation, care.

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