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Cordilina Red Star

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Cordilina Red Star

Height (with a pot): 70-100 cm, d for a pot - 27-31 cm.

On request. Delivery time to the warehouse is 7-10 days. Multiplicity of the order - 10 pcs.

Cordilina (lat. Cordyline) is a tree or shrub from the Agave or Dracene family (according to various sources). The name Cordyline translated from Greek means "bump, nodule". The fact is that many members of the genus have a fleshy rhizome and gnarled roots. dracaena, which is often confused with cordilina, has straight and smooth roots. Distributed in subtropical and tropical regions of Australia, Africa and Asia.

In nature, they reach heights of several meters. Cordilina is quite shade-tolerant, it develops well in light partial shade, however, in a strong shade, the leaves of the plant will shrink. With good artificial lighting, it will develop well.

Pseudo palms are widely used in the field of landscaping of offices, greenhouses, winter gardens. To prevent your flower from getting sick, you need to adhere to the following rules: do not allow water to stagnate in the pot, but also do not overdry the earthen lump, spray on dry days, and avoid drafts and sudden temperature changes.

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