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Cordilina Rumba (Cordyline)

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Cordilina Rumba

Height (with a pot): 55-70 cm, d of a pot - 23-27 cm.

On request. Delivery time to the warehouse is 7-10 days. Multiplicity of the order - 10 pcs.

Cordilina (lat. Cordyline) is a tree or shrub from the Dracene or Agave family (according to various sources). The name of Cordilina is translated from Greek as "knot, bump". Acquired this name Cordilina because of the swollen rhizome and gnarled roots. In this it differs from dracaena, which has straight, smooth roots. The homeland of this plant is the tropics and subtropics of Asia, Africa and Australia.

Cordilina develops well in light partial shade, but in a dark room the leaves will become smaller. Good artificial lighting will be an alternative in the absence of the sun. The flower gained popularity due to the decorativeness of the leaves and unpretentiousness. For the successful cultivation of cordilina, it is important to observe the following rules: control of moisture in the pot - do not pour or overdry, protect from drafts and sudden changes in temperature, regularly spray with water or create additional moisture using a pallet with wet expanded clay.

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