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Primrose (Primula)

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Synonyms: Primrose

Colors: white, yellow, red, purple, orange, pink.

Height (with a pot): up to 25 cm, 25-35 cm; d pot - 8-10 cm.

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Primula (lat.Primula) - belongs to the Primroses family. Primrose is also called Primrose, it blooms in winter and marks the arrival of spring. In the wild, it grows in areas with a temperate climate, found in Asia, China, North America and Europe. The flower develops well in diffused lighting, will grow well on east and west windows.

Indoor primrose blooms in winter, closer to spring, flowering is rich and long. A distinctive feature of this plant is its early flowering. The main condition for the successful cultivation of primrose in an apartment is not to overheat, the optimum temperature for it is 15-18 ° C. After flowering, it can be planted in the garden.

Warning: Some primroses can cause allergies, so it is better to limit access to it for children and animals.

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