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Afelandra (Aphelandra)

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Height with a pot: 25-35 cm, d pot - 10-12 cm.

Afelandra (Latin Aphelandra) is a small bush from the Acanthus family. Originally from the tropics of Northern and South America. In indoor conditions it reaches a height of 50-60 cm. It got its name from the Greek words "aphelis" and "andros" - a simple man.

Afelandra blooms in the autumn, with bright yellow flowers, which look especially beautiful against the background of picturesque leaves.

Flowers remain on the plant for a long time, it is recommended to remove wilted inflorescences. Prefers bright lighting, especially in winter. The rest of the time, the flower needs to be shaded from the direct sun. In summer, abundant watering is needed. The soil in the pot should be kept slightly moist. For the successful cultivation of afelandra, it is important to avoid stagnation of water, the leaves can rot from excess moisture. In winter, Afelandre needs to be provided with light and frequent spraying.

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