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Height: from 25 to 70 cm, d pot - 12, 17, 19, 21 cm

Nephrolepis is a very hardy and unpretentious fern, it is interesting and easy to grow it. It grows quickly, throughout the year, and new branches are formed quite often.

One of the benefits of nephrolepsis is that it grows well in partial shade. In direct sun and in a too dry atmosphere, it will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is better to place it near the east or west windows.

This fern prefers high humidity. Therefore, in dry weather, it must be sprayed daily with clean, filtered water. Nephrolepis responds well to showering. Watering is plentiful, but the soil should not sour, but be moderately moist.

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Care information: Nephrolepis, how to care for nephrolepis.

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