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Synonyms: Golden tree, Sausage tree

Height with a pot: 25-35 cm, d pot - 13 cm.

Aucuba (Latin Aucuba) is a small shrub from the Cornelian family. Originally from the subtropics of East Asia. Both indoor and outdoor plants have found their application. Prefers diffused light, but can grow in light partial shade.

In summer, abundant watering is needed. On warm days, the potted aucuba can be brought out to the balcony, shading from direct sunlight. For the successful cultivation of aucuba, it is important to avoid stagnation of water; the leaves can rot from excess moisture.

In winter, it is better to place the aucuba in a cool room (8-14 ° C, but not lower than 5 ° C); at a higher temperature, the aucuba can shed its leaves. When wintering warm, it is important to provide light and frequent spraying.

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