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Tillandsia blue (Tillandsia cyanea)

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Tillandsia blue

Height (with a pot): 15-20 cm, d of a pot - 10-12 cm.

Tillandsia blue (Latin Tillandsia cyanea) - is a herbaceous perennial plant of the Bromeliad family. In total, there are about 400-500 species of bromeliads; ranges are common in North and South America, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Tillandsia got its name in honor of the botanist Elias Tillands.

In this species of tillandsia, a dense spikelet grows in the center with pink bracts, which are very close to each other. Small blue-violet flowers appear from the bracts, about 20 pieces, each bloom for only 1 day. Tillandsias need bright, but diffused light, temperatures from 18 ° C to 20 ° C and high humidity. When watering, you need to pour water not only onto the ground but also into the outlet of the plant. In dry weather, it is recommended to spray tillandsia at least once a day. Spray once a month with water and a weak solution of bromeliad fertilizer.

Additionally: Tillandsia - cultivation and care.

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