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Oasis in the apartment

Oasis in the apartment

From the city bustle and gas pollution, I want to plunge into the world of green spaces and fresh air, to create a kind of oasis in the desert of a city apartment.

This feeling occurs most often with the arrival of spring.

Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this is to decorate your favorite balcony or loggia with green plants that are pleasing to the eye.

This process is economical both in terms of time and money. But how much joy this amazing natural corner will bring you!

The entire decorating process must be carefully thought out so that later you can relax comfortably on your balcony.

First of all, do not completely clutter up the space. On the free space, you can arrange a table and chairs, thereby creating a recreation area for your family.

Before starting the process of landscaping the balcony, you need to think over the climate in which you will place the plants.

That is, on the sunny side, it is advisable to place plants that are not afraid of the sun's rays, or create a shade using a special mesh, otherwise your plants will burn. On such a balcony, for almost six months a year there will be an excess of sun, and, therefore, the flowers need to be watered more often.

On the sunny side, aloe, cacti, fuchsia, hibiscus will take root well. The air on such a loggia needs to be humidified more often.

If your balcony is located on the west side, then such plants as jasmine, eucalyptus, verbena, dracaena, date palm take root here. In this case, plants need to be watered in the morning. There will be enough warmth on such a balcony, however, the sun will not be too hot here.

On the balcony located on the east side, the sun will not be long, as a shadow will come here in the afternoon. In such conditions, plants with delicate leaves will grow well: begonia, dieffenbachia, saxifrage. Watering them in such conditions is better during the day.

On the north side it will be gloomy on the balcony. Therefore, you need to make an effort to make the balcony bright, you can install artificial lighting lamps. Ficus, chlorophytum, dracaena, fern, bamboo take root well on this side.

Another important factor is the compatibility of green wards. This also applies to the appearance and the rules of their breeding. Sometimes you have to combine several plants in combined pots, and it must be borne in mind that they have to be watered at the same time. Cactus and begonia will not survive together: either the cactus will die or the begonia will dry out.

There are indoor plants that cannot tolerate dirty air. They can be planted on those loggias that overlook the courtyard. And on the balconies overlooking the road, you can plant lobelia, petunia, marigolds, komus, allisum, brilliant salvia, nasturtium or bulbous plants.

The simplest way to decorate is to place pots and flower pots along the balcony railing. Additionally, hanging pots can be placed. If you hang them parallel to the bottom row of flowers, then you can hide on your loggia from prying eyes.

With the help of stands and hooks, it is possible to create a unique, multi-level composition, while saving enough space.

A stepladder, a decorative shelf or a triangular staircase can be an excellent stand for flowers. This type of stand is quite mobile, if necessary, it can be easily moved. Hanging and climbing plants look especially beautiful and impressive in this composition.

Large pots with plants can be placed on the floor, and small ones on wall and hanging shelves.

In order for you to get a beautiful balcony, you can combine various plants in a composition. The most successful are the compositions of the following colors: yellow and purple, orange and blue, green and red.

Monochromatic compositions look harmonious, for example, red geraniums, salvia, begonia, or orange nasturtium and marigolds. Also, compositions are created by placing in one pot two or three plants that match the color. Plants can be combined not only in color, but also in the shape of leaves and flowers, size, structure. There are compositions represented by several rows of flowers.

To maintain the beauty of the balcony throughout the summer, you can choose plants with different flowering times.

Be sure to take into account the color of the walls of the balcony when landscaping a balcony. So, on a red balcony, you should not plant begonia or red aster.

If there are climbing plants on the balcony, a decorative support grid must also be placed.

In addition, here you can place various decorative figures, sculptures that will cheer up the owner.

Composition of fountains on your loggia will complement the design and will delight any guest. And the murmur of water will revitalize your oasis even more. On such a balcony, you can wonderfully relax while drinking tea in the company of green plants.

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