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Useful plants for the home

Useful plants for the home

A home atmosphere is one of the key factors of your health, because if it is always pleasant to return home, then, according to the consensus of scientists, this has a beneficial effect on your well-being.

What does it depend on? The most important thing is on the oxygen balance: it, of course, must be positive.

In this article, we'll talk about the most beneficial plants for maintaining good air in your home.

And in the first place of our rating we will put the most, perhaps, common flower - ficus. Moreover, you can get it in almost any flower shop (there are several varieties, the most popular is rubber).

This plant has a lot of advantages: firstly, it has an anti-tumor effect (in Latin America, by the way, it finds its application in pharmacology: juice is obtained from it and the damaged area is rubbed; the effect is usually not long in coming), perfectly cleanses and somewhat freshens the air.

If you also put the ficus near your bed, you are guaranteed to get better sleep.

But ficus shares its primacy with chlorophytum. Perhaps, these two plants can still compete, which of them is more unpretentious.

Chlorophytum, in general, does not care where you put it: only the rate of its growth will depend on the amount of sunlight; also tolerates hot temperatures remarkably, in winter - at least 5-10 degrees. This plant does not even need to be sprayed at this time of year, which cannot be said about summer: watering is recommended every 4-7 days.

Ficus and chlorophytum are followed by a bamboo palm. A bamboo palm, like a ficus, by the way, does not require any special, refined care: all it needs is a few hours of sunshine and a small portion of moisture, and you will feel the result very quickly: the palm will process a very large amount of carbon dioxide gas, producing oxygen. And from the air, it will also take away various salts that are harmful to our body.

We give the bronze to the now popular plant with an exotic name: spathiphyllum. In addition to the fact that a plant will grow from a small bush into a large and very beautiful flower, it is able to absorb a huge amount of various kinds of chemicals: acetone, benzene, types of ammonia - there are so many of them in our air today. However, spathiphyllum is not such an unpretentious plant like the two above. It requires a fairly high temperature: from 16 degrees and above; does not like drafts, so you have to think about choosing a place for a flower.

Also, do not forget about the constant flow of moisture: spray moisture evenly, do not forget about the pebbles where the spathiphyllum will stand. By the way, if the previous plants liked to stand in the sun, then this will not work: it must be placed in a sufficiently darkened place, but not deprived of sunlight.

Of course, do not forget about the beauty of your home: flowers also do not interfere. However, choose ones that will bloom all year round in order to please your eyes, for example, violets (by the way, they also do a very good job of processing oxygen).

And one more thing: everything that says that flowers absorb huge amounts of oxygen at night is nothing more than a common myth. Of course, they do, but about the same amount as we take in two or three breaths. They produce many times more.

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